Steel Sim VR in a nutshell

Revolutionizing the standard for crane driver training with worlds most dedicated VR training simulator platform.

  • Dedicated to the Steel Industry
  • Virtual Reality based
  • Natural physics and simulation
  • Custom virtual environment
  • Configured to specific situations
  • Rich performance data

Get results that count

”Free up supervisors to focus on other higher-value-added tasks and shorten the lead time of training.”


Train up to 50% faster


100% safe with no risk to plant or personnel


2x more efficient due to autonomous training


5+ frequent emergency scenario’s included

One solid solution

A scalable training simulator for safer, faster and more efficient crane driver training.

Solid business case

Reduction on expenses for equipment, wages, downtime and damages.

Safety first

Lowering the risk of damage, injuries and fatalities to zero while in simulator.

Fast and efficient

Better and faster training with more seat time, in a smaller timeframe.

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    Inside the headset

    Watch for yourself and see the detailed steel factory environments from our latest Steel Sim VR simulators.

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