Steel plant crane simulator for ArcelorMittal Bremen

After a successful implementation of Steel Sim VR at ArcelorMittal Gent, we delivered the steel plant crane simulator for ArcelorMittal in Bremen. New and experienced operators will train in a true-to-life simulated environment from this day forward.

The simulator hosts 23 training scenarios. From basic operations to more expert operations like changing moulds and segments of the continuous caster for example. These expert operations are very challenging because they don’t happen every day, require precise crane handling, and can induce severe safety hazards when operated incorrectly. That is one of the advantages of training in a simulator, with no risk to the plant or personnel during simulation training.

Furthermore, we challenged the limit of our platform and updated more realistic physics and animation effects for pouring liquid steel. In combination with the quality Varjo offers, training scenarios like ladle breakouts and slack pouring becomes closer to reality.

Video by Steel Sim VR