Onboarding challenges

The job of onboarding new crane operators is becoming more and more challenging due to automation and reorganizations. This is why many steel-producing companies such as ArcelorMittal Gent are looking for training simulators that enable them to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and impact of training.

For many years the cold rolling mill and the steel shop have considered the idea of investing in a crane simulator. LinkedIn, the social media platform, we saw some videos and photos from the company Steel Sim VR about the use of VR simulators in the context of training. This seemed very interesting to us, which is why the first contacts were made and the process started. And now, a little less than two years after the first exchange, we are very proud to put the simulator into service. Evelien Lemiere – Steel shop


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The training simulators

ArcelorMittal Gent joined the Steel Sim VR with two training simulators. One for the cold mill and one for the steel shop. The Steel Sim VR setup consists out of the Varjo VR3, Steel Sim VR joysticks, a powerful PC, a screen, and of course the Steel Sim VR platform that simulates the entire production hall in 3D. The intention is that the crane operators will complete several tasks within several predefined objectives. The Steel Sim VR dashboard shows each crane operator their results, which they can always consult.

The advantage of the crane simulator is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of crane operator training. We also see benefits for experienced crane operators. Training emergency procedures, non-standard situations, focused training e.g. on their cycle times, and so on. Frederik van Laere – Cold rolling mill

Still from the video 

It is an advantage if you can start with the crane simulator because you can then still operate it fully and make mistakes. There’s no danger. As you can see at the moment, a new crane operator is working on the simulator to undergo and receive proper training. So that she can easily make the transition to the crane itself. Gino Praet – Crane operator steel shop


Finally, a simulator also helps in the recruitment process of new crane operators. Firstly, we can provide a realistic picture of the job. And finally, it also makes the job extra interesting through the use of high-tech tools. Evelien Lemiere – Steel shop


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